Last Year Self


Let’s celebrate the necessary but hard decisions, made to elevate our thinking.
Let’s celebrate the challenges and hurdles overcame, to bring us to this point.
Let’s celebrate awakening our psyche, that pushes and reveals to us the harsh reality of affliction.
Let’s celebrate growth and growing pains of putting away childish things.
Not the dainty treasures that we grew up knowing,
But putting away childish thoughts and mannerisms that held us back,
From reaching our true potential.
We say so long, fair well, last-year self,
Onto new beginnings, and let’s put our best and brightest steps forward,
because there is far more work to be done.

I hope You See


I hope you see that things are only temporary until something better comes along.
I hope you see that life is what you make it, so make it your best.
I hope you see that the real reason people connect themselves to you.
I hope you see that compliments people give, are things that compliment you.
I hope you see that your worth is not made up by what people tell you, but what you set for yourself.
I hope you see that this list I make is in fact too short because you are able to list more great things about you than I ever could.
I hope you see that it’s true when they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder because only the beholder defines beauty.
I hope you see that things always come to those who are patient and kind, and never to those who are mean and blind to the world.
And I really hope you see that the great things that people say about you, you also see in me.



Looking back on moments of criticism, given a newfound invigoration, and hope for a better future, a hopefully and solemn caterpillar looks towards its future.
Hopelessly waiting to grow its wings and fly, this caterpillar senses its change, formulating into a something bigger and better.

Overcoming the preceding hardships of growth and potential of becoming the strongest and the best well-prepared caterpillar it can be, experiencing various stages of shedding unnecessary weight clinging to its skin, this caterpillar is ready for its next stage.

Adapting to its surroundings and learning from each stage of growth, this caterpillar, understanding the process of metamorphosis, and the environment in which it developed defense mechanisms and means for survival, this caterpillar begins its hibernation.

Cocooning itself from the outside world, this caterpillar immersed in solitary and self-assessment, developing its skills, patiently awaiting its moment to blossom and shine in the world.

Taking advantage of its isolation and blocking out environmental haphazard, building on hope and faith towards a more fulfilling existence, this caterpillar hones in on circumstantial occurrences, perseverance, and knowledge to begin its transformation.

Taking its time and feeling comfortable with its new apparatus, this caterpillar, no longer seen as a societal parasite, spreads its wings, rising above former resistance and repugnance, shining in the light made for its beauty.

Oath of the Silent



Confessions wrapped in lessons, full of impressions, of objects for affection.

Rooted in blame, embarrassed and ashamed, with nothing to keep sane.

Laughing through pain, searching for fame, as if it’s a game, with endless aim.

Enemies surrounding, not loosening its grip, waiting for loose and unattended flesh to rip.

Crying out for help, silent tears, invisible hopes, to cover up fears.

Peace or understanding is what naysayers ridicule and chuckle over, knowing their plight is to cover up notions they can devour, by forcibly placing attention on delusions of grandeur.

Persistence, patience, and perseverance, are virtues one should hold near and dear, always reaching for goals and dreams, professing spiritual awakenings of growth, to heal wounds, blocking its shine.

Oppressed, shunned, and hushed for uttering injustices, these silent and afflicted personages, rise towards opposition, tearing down its cast of shadows, masking as giants.

Division and separation must terminate, replacing with unity and love, giving strength to those who suffer through isolation and alienation.

A reinvigorated decree of liberation, now grants opportunity to recently reformed people, willing to harness the responsibility, to be, no longer silent.



A-Tisket, A-Tasket,
playing games, essentially a bet,
without fear of gratitude, or debt.
Hickory, Dickory, dock,
they holler, scream, and mock,
always ready, to lock or rock.
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
fighting fair, without hearing no,
pressing hard, always on the go.
A limited month is given,
hoping and wishing, it’s Unforgiven,
without regard to the inconstant cleft, or riven.
Instead, cheer,
no boos or jeers,
a celebration of love over fears.
Give a metaphorical socket,
moving faster than a rocket,
now placing, a wocket in your pocket.