I love graffiti! These photos are from a mini trip back to Atlanta. I love the many dimensions and colors graffiti art can bring to each person lucky enough to capture its beauty.


I had the pleasure of attending Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta! These photos are some of the highlights I enjoyed!

Photos of my favorite places to be around the city of Atlanta. My love of architecture grows more and more as I witness the great works of John Portman and many others.


A quick glimpse of more graffiti and wall murals I have fallen in love with in Greensboro, NC.

I love nature and simple joys of taking it all in! These photos are just a taste of many sceneries that I enjoy witnessing.

Some of my favorite photos taken in Charlotte, NC.

Photos taken around the city of downtown Greensboro. Architecture is such a huge part of what makes this city vibrant and full of history. Just a glimpse of its rich culture.

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