About MCJ

Just a wannabe artist displaying my talents.

Fight or flight


Hands in the air,

Knees on the pavement,

A familiar setting.

Gun in holster

Ready to pounce on sudden movement.

Clenched jar,

silent tears, expressing fears

Of death and glorified

Name on a T-shirt.

Bystanders with cellphones in hand,

Recording every frame without fail,

Raising awareness about injustice.

Shots fired, heard throughout the streets

Red and Blue lights flickering in the shadows

Yellow tape placed to control crowds,

Anger and rage fills the atmosphere.

Again? Not again?


Something has to change.

As social media viewers witness,

A horrific display of ethical standards

Rhetorical questions rise,

Forcing the mind to make a choice,

Fight or flight?

The Games We Play


Lend me your ear, soft and clear, words flow fumbling out without making sense.

The twist and turns of phrases falling, you beg for attention, speaking on dreams and goals, you long to behold.

Conversing of passions and desires, waiting for aggregable nods and forms of adorations that coincide with a likeness.

Trying to find reasons and excuses for things that don’t pair up with a running list of wants and needs of compatibility in my head,

Thinking of ways in which personality means more than vanity.

Longing for opportunities to share and caress with another, falling short of boundaries built up, not wanting to offend or appear above others.

We boast sweet nothings when apart, but when seen, fall short and forget what was said.

Relying on compulsions and notions of ideas created when apart, leaving unsaid problems and feelings expecting the other to guess its meaning.

Starting off in a state bliss and romance then twisted into lustful desires and feelings to fill the void of a complete and fulfilling relationship.

Games of the mind, are played forcing reciprocity of the heart without caring for the red flags the mind presents.

Getting others involved hoping for a better predicament, meditating on thoughts of peace and love.

We plan to hold something true and trustworthy not caring for hurting each other in the process.

The games we play are only games of the heart expressing imperfections of ourselves and not the time spent together.

Hard Exterior


A porcupine by nature assumes,
a scary and inferior creature.
Its defense mechanism is displayed
for the world to see, not translucent or hiding,
instead, it’s a fair warning,
to prevent you from attacking,
because the consequences are known.
It is hard to see their softer side,
under its rough exterior,
because the perception is assumed,
they don’t have one.
However, even though, this creature only defends
itself within close distance,
the majority of the time,
the creature is calm and has a cool disposition.
There will be times when each of us,
has to perk up and attack like a porcupine,
to protect ourselves from hurt,
harm, and danger.
Other times we will need to be
calm and cool under pressure,
not allowing deterrence or disruption.
Having a defense mechanism is useful,
sometimes necessary in walking through many obstacles.
The trick is balancing between,
having a soft demeanor and having a hard exterior



Is it cruel to always put down others?
Does that bring about your own insecurities?
Are you being cruel to be kind?
Is your constant demeanor of negativity always necessary?
Are these difficult characteristics you have even, healthy for a relationship with someone else?
Are you able to love yourself knowing you find it hard to love and accept someone else?
These questions keep running through my head.
These questions involving a relationship with another.
I have to be brave and ask,
I don’t want to waste my time on something not real.
What is your need to know the questions you have for me?
I don’t want to be caught up in the moment and not see,
The things you represent when getting involved with someone like me.
These questions keep running through my head.
These questions involving a relationship with another.

You’re Mine


The way you look in my eyes,
And act as you have known me
All my life.
Then trust I feel when I’m with you.
The way you whisper sweet nothings
In my ear.
The way you make me feel when,
I think of your name all day long.
The way I imagine your fingers,
Caressing my body.
The warmth of your loving embrace.
The sweet nothing’s I feel when your
Lips touch mine.
The tingling sensation I feel of your
Lips kissing all over my body.
You have no idea of the sweet bliss
I feel when I’m near you.
What started out as like,
Turned into love,
And now You’re My Everything…
My Blind Infatuation…

*I Don’t Own The Rights To This Photo

Ingredients of Love


Love is patient, love is kind
Clearly your thinking someone is on my mind
But it’s not just one person,
Its several people
Because I want to show them love
These ingredients are only my opinions,
These ingredients are ways in which
I show them my love
It’s not in order
It’s from my heart
These ingredients mixed up all in one equates my love
These ingredients of Love I call it
These ingredients are of Love can be many
It can be a few
It depends on the person
However ever you define yours,
I want to always show mine with
My heart blazed with fire to symbolize my passion
My Ingredients of Love

Future Love


If two wrongs don’t make a right then tell me why I’m here with you
We flow like two steams intersecting into an ocean
They say opposites attract, but our bond is stronger than two magnets
Bad boy, nice guy, geek, pretty boy, player, mammasboy, jock
No labels can describe you
Some may say I’m head over heels, knees buckle Nancy, love at first sight, so blind I can’t see straight, whipped women that I am
But all I see are your kind eyes, your giving heart, your sexy smirk, your intelligence, your zest for life and living…
Am I wrong to only notice that?
I also hate when your right and I’m wrong
I hate when you beat me in chess
I hate when that you know me so well sometimes you use it for playful game
I hate that you where that same ol’ hat everyday
I hate that sound you make when your excited, on the brink of something genius moment
I also hate when your gone, even when you make me mad and I want you to leave…You stay
I also hate that you know my tickle spot…
You never let go
I can’t stand when we have playful competitions, especially with sports because most times you try to cheat in figuring out my strategy
When I make mistakes it’s hard for me to admit it to you not because I’m scared, but because I don’t want to see your I told you so face
I’m hard headed and stubborn but you always seem to break that barrier with one kiss and one touch
I am overwhelmed and overjoyed with gladness that I have you in my life
I am so deeply in love with you, your happiness has become more important than my own
So I write all these feelings down and hopefully one day you will read this
For all the future lovers out there, may you find the very things you need in someone else…

Invisible Pen Pal


I write about the things I feel the things I see,
The very things that puts a strain and distance of the love between you and me.

This is not meant to carry a traditional rhyme,
Though I constantly read and re-read over each line.

They say through time age develops like fine wine,
However I still find the time to cut down the wisdom like a tree vine.

You may say I’m clever because I able to write with flowing words,
But it’s really just my thoughts floating about the air like birds.

Treasure the gifts and talents blessed upon your heart,
Time is so short but long enough for a new start.

As I continue on the journey of life with you in mind,
I hope I make you proud no matter the constrain that love binds.



Last Year Self


Let’s celebrate the necessary but hard decisions, made to elevate our thinking.
Let’s celebrate the challenges and hurdles overcame, to bring us to this point.
Let’s celebrate awakening our psyche, that pushes and reveals to us the harsh reality of affliction.
Let’s celebrate growth and growing pains of putting away childish things.
Not the dainty treasures that we grew up knowing,
But putting away childish thoughts and mannerisms that held us back,
From reaching our true potential.
We say so long, fair well, last-year self,
Onto new beginnings, and let’s put our best and brightest steps forward,
because there is far more work to be done.

I hope You See


I hope you see that things are only temporary until something better comes along.
I hope you see that life is what you make it, so make it your best.
I hope you see that the real reason people connect themselves to you.
I hope you see that compliments people give, are things that compliment you.
I hope you see that your worth is not made up by what people tell you, but what you set for yourself.
I hope you see that this list I make is in fact too short because you are able to list more great things about you than I ever could.
I hope you see that it’s true when they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder because only the beholder defines beauty.
I hope you see that things always come to those who are patient and kind, and never to those who are mean and blind to the world.
And I really hope you see that the great things that people say about you, you also see in me.