Crossing lines made up in the mind,

Breaking down boundaries without care.

Complaining and yearning for better days,

Transferring anxiety and depression onto others.

Angry eyes clenched fists, and a locked jar, are all things preventing from communicating effectively.

Felt singled out and blame-worthy, conversations replaying in the head.

Head bowed, praying for change,

Seeking advice in silence.

Keeping preoccupied and distracted,

Focusing on tangible goals.

Speaking to others, to assure feelings are warranted, making excuses for doubt and self-pity.

Fighting insomnia, devaluing the need for self-preservation, ignoring the warning signs.

Overly, overthinking and obsessing things that cloud judgment and create emotional responses.

Hot and Bothered briefly describe the emotions felt, but more than ever, these feelings are envious of self-pity placed on a singular heart pleading for normalcy.

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