Lost Letter

The pain, trauma, and hurt felt for a lifetime,

Seeps through my pores elevating anxiety and mental blockages.

Constantly placing myself in a self-inflicting punching bag,

A well-intentioned letter begins to formulate.

Fumbling with words to muster up the courage, stating how I feel,

Can’t explain the emotions internally felt,

Riling inside my mind,

Placing blame on myself for not telling you sooner, writing constantly to keep sane.

Taking the time to meditate, making sure I get this right,

Protecting my peace is all I have, avoiding anger with all my might.

As I write, words flow without creating blame,

I write to you without remorse or shame.

I read to take me to another dimension, hoping to help with phrases eloquently mentioned.

Satisfied with every line and phrase,

I fold this letter as if I would mail it,

Placing inside an envelope, ready to receive

Your gaze.

Years go by, life changes occur, this letter

Remains secure in a drawer,

Sacred and only for your eyes.

One response to “Lost Letter”

  1. Life By Mehreen Avatar
    Life By Mehreen

    I fear how much I relate to this well written

    Liked by 1 person

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