Hard Exterior

A porcupine by nature assumes,
a scary and inferior creature.
Its defense mechanism is displayed
for the world to see, not translucent or hiding,
instead, it’s a fair warning,
to prevent you from attacking,
because the consequences are known.
It is hard to see their softer side,
under its rough exterior,
because the perception is assumed,
they don’t have one.
However, even though, this creature only defends
itself within close distance,
the majority of the time,
the creature is calm and has a cool disposition.
There will be times when each of us,
has to perk up and attack like a porcupine,
to protect ourselves from hurt,
harm, and danger.
Other times we will need to be
calm and cool under pressure,
not allowing deterrence or disruption.
Having a defense mechanism is useful,
sometimes necessary in walking through many obstacles.
The trick is balancing between,
having a soft demeanor and having a hard exterior

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